I felt like a lucky Irish man...

Marath05 has a twin in England that talked marath05 into joining Adventist Singles Connection. She checked out my profile and suggested to her sister that she check me out. We wrote by emails at first and then came our first meeting. This meeting came as a total surprise to me. I was hanging out at my house in Michigan. and my wife to be lives in Illinois. She called me on St. Patrick's Day and tells me she is on her way from Chicago to meet me. I thought when she called me that she was pulling my leg! But it was true. She had fished working her job at the nursing home, jumped in her car and drove the 165 miles to meet me that night!!! I felt very special that night as you can imagine. I am Irish and I felt like a lucky Irish man on St. Patrick's Day!!!! I also had to do a quick cleaning job that night before she arrived. She is Jamaican and I am American...talk about an international connection! We talk every night on the phone. I returned her visit when I came to Chicago. I got to make her homemade tacos which is my specialty. I got to attend her church which I enjoyed very much. They made me feel right at home and I took her to her first hockey game. Hockey is my passion. Who says hockey and love don't mix...she loved it except for the fighting!!! She has been up to my place quite often. I was also able to introduce her to one of my other favorite things...a drive in movie. We did that on Memorial Day. My MOM and her hit it right off. She really loves my mom and my mom feels the same way! God hears and answers prayers to let people know, but he does it in his own timing, which is hard for some of us to accept, me included. God loves us and has only our best interest at heart. We are planning a garden wedding in Parchment, Michigan on August 16th. A wish to all the others that are looking for true love. As Abraham in the bible said, "God will provide", and he will.


prayer83 & marath05

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