She perhaps fills even more than I dared dream.

To all those beautiful ladies that have approached me with smiles and cards and who have graciously received the same from me, some of whom have spoken with me by phone, thank you. You have, each one, enriched my life in some way. I now must say that this site has woven it's web about me and I am in deep and meaningful communications with a beautiful Christian lady who seems to fulfill most, if not all my dreams or, perhaps, even more than I dared dream. Time will tell and I'm sure that God will lead. Please wish us well, pray for us and we will see what god has in store for us. Bless you all in your individual search for a meaningful relationship.
UPDATE! UPDATE! We Met in LA on August 7th, returned together to Perth, Western Australia on September 3rd, and Carol returned to the US on September 23rd. We are to be married and live in Arizona when immigration formalities for me are completed, hopefully later this year. I have been blessed beyond measure by God leading me to this wonderful lady. I pray that each and every one of the members of this blessed site will receive their hearts desire.


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