We are both so excited about the plans God still has for us.

Just before my membership lapsed, I met Dennis (dfeather) on ASC and we continued talking on the phone after my membership was up. Our Friendship has continued to grow into something incredibly wonderful.

God is so good! He knew were the right one for each other and he has rewarded our faithfulness with our hearts' desire. It all happened in is HIS time and not ours. Dennis wasn't even a "match" that you provided for me. I met him when I IM'd him while he was already on line. I only discovered him when I checked to see who was online. He answered after we both checked out each others profile & photos. We found that we have most everything in common and that there are just the right amount of differences that make it interesting.

I have just returned home from visiting him in AZ and he proposed to me at the Grand Canyon. I said yes!

We are planning an AZ wedding in 2010 and I will be moving there. We are both so excited about the plans God still has for us and our deep & abiding love for each other is growing ever stronger as time goes by.

Thank you for the service you provide and it truly has been successful for both Dennis & me.



debjcraig2002 & dfeather

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