We are totally in love with each other...


I was assisting a friend in completing his profile on ASC, and out of curiosity, decided I would sign up as well, as this could be fun. However, after posting my profile, I had an inner feeling that this could be more than just fun, as I had a desire to find love and a meaningful relationship. So of course, I prayed about it, and God must have answered my prayers even before I asked!

Incidentally, the first person to have made contact with me was GCP22, by sending a smile and expressing his interest. Although I said I wouldn't respond to anyone who had no profile picture, for some reason I did reply to his smile. We sent smiles, cards, IMs, emails and virtually spoke with each other by phone every day for more than 2 months before we met face to face. He was easy-going, warm and honest, and when we finally met...we were completely comfortable in each others presence.

From the onset I found out that he was a member of the same church my brother and his family are also members of, and was able to confirm his identity among other things. But it was those first conversations and the fact that his open, accepting demeanor and sense of humor could shine through IMs and telephone conversations, that made it obvious he must be the one for me.

Of course, I met a few friends (and maybe foes) on ASC, but GCP22 stole my heart. We are totally in love with each other, and have maintained a long-distance relationship, spending time together as often as we can, and have recently become engaged. Our wedding will be in July of 2009.

We feel very blessed, and must say thanks to ASC for the wonderful site you have provided for SDA singles, and may God continue to bless your endeavors. To our friends who are still on ASC, be blessed!!

Love always!

Sandi and Glen
Sands1 and GCP22

***Updated 8/23/09***
Just wanna say THANK YOU, ASC for the wonderful ministry you are doing. May God continue to bless your endeavors as you provide this valuable medium for Adventist singles to connect, and join together in holy matrimony in many cases.

This is actually an update!! To God be the glory; Glen and I got married on July 4, 2009 and are enjoying and appreciating the fact that Jehovah has brought us together at this time of our lives. Our union is an absolute blessing!!!

Thanks again, and best wishes to those who are still searching for that special someone!


sands1 & GCP22

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