We both see it as nothing short of a miracle!

I would like to let you know that I got married Jan 1st, 2009 to Nathan (natel123)...my 99% match from Adventist Singles!!!!

We had been living just over 2 minutes from one another for the last 19 years. We exchanged a few emails, seemed silly to not talk on the phone, so we did and from the word go...we both knew that we were perfect for one another. Not just the things in the profile matched, or proximity, but we are a perfect match in so many other areas. It was as if God had brought us together and we both see it as nothing short of a miracle!

I want you to know that we are both incredibly happy and thank God for bringing us to one another. I want to thank you all for this service. In this day and age nobody has the time or inclination to run around looking for a partner...there are only so many options at church. We had been going to different churches in Loma Linda all this time, so our paths never crossed.

Thank you all and God bless you in this much needed service.


MarieAnn & Natel123

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