We found ourselves making plans for the future.

John (Lonely) and I (Katsback) met a year ago here on this site. I had seen his profile and sent him a smile because of what he had written. It really impressed me, his commitment to his sons. He noticed something I had posted on the message boards and wrote to me. That started a wonderful friendship. We emailed each other for several months and then the opportunity came for us to meet. Both of us went into that weekend and first meeting with no expectations except that of making another good friend, but soon after we found ourselves making plans for the future. John proposed to me the Monday after Thanksgiving, after we both had a chance to meet each others families and see how we both interacted with them. The next few months were pretty crazy trying to plan a wedding long distance, but we managed to do that and we were married on March 7th, 2009. I am so very thankful to God for bringing us together and by God's grace we will grow together in this marriage and become stronger together everyday. The one thing that I would impress upon anyone here looking for that special someone, become good friends first. That is so important. If you don't have that good friendship first, the rest is very hard to hold on to. Mutual respect, values, ideals, and beliefs are very important in a relationship. I hope and pray that those searching for that special someone find their love like John and I have, together.

Katsback & Lonely

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