We were both surprised at how well we grew together.

Her Story:
Thank you so very much for the opportunity to meet and marry my sweetheart through your service!
This shows that through prayer first and then the
providence of Adventists Singles Connection, we found each other!

After I sent a smile, we were emailing and then
talking...a lot! My heart melted and we were both very happy and surprised at how well and quickly we grew together. We started in November and are
getting married on May 24, 2009!

Thank you again for the wonderful chance you
provided for us to meet.


His Story:
I've met the apple of my other eye! (see intro) She is very wonderful and we have many things in common and many new things to experience together. After talking to each other via Adventist Dating Website's protocols, we emailed and then called each other....a lot! We finally met for the first time!!! It was wonderful meeting her, her family, and Church Family too! We are very much looking forward to spending our lives with each other! God bless you and thank you for your well thought out web service.


dlorenzo & geophil

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