Success Stories: 2010

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We feel we are a match made in heaven.

I was Kingsgirl and met EvertP here on ASC. We feel God led us together, of course with the help of your site. God is so good as we feel we are a match made in heaven. We will be getting married in the summer later this year. Praise be to our wonderful God! Thank you ASC!

Linda and Evert

kingsgirl & EvertP

I started with critieria of what I needed in a relationship and she met all of them.

I met a special person who was very spiritual and loving on this site. I started with critieria of what I needed in a relationship and she met all of them. Thank you for helping us find each other. God has blessed us both very much.


We know that God has guided our marriage so far.

Well, it was a short time dating, but an amazing experience to know my hubby here! It was also enough to know what we really wanted about our relationship. I met him (Junior) when I had thought to remove my account. It was a huge reason to not do it. After 5 months chatting and sending emails we arranged a date. From that day was the beginning of this beautiful relationship. We married 4 months ago and we know that God has guided our marriage so far. We hope to be together until eternity. Thank you for an awesome website. Crys.


We have hopes of a long term relationship.

My name is Barbara. I met Bon in the chat room. We naturally clicked with the same likes and interests. We started communicating and have more in common than we first thought. We are datng and have hopes of a long term relationship. We met here at ASC, and would have never met if not for this site. Thank you!


We have been happily married for two years now

What a blessing. I am indebted to your site, as that is where my husband and I met almost 5 years ago now. It does not seem possible that it has been that long ago already.
I was from Washington State, and one day I was impressed to go on line and meet some single S.D.A. gentlemen. I fought that impression for an entire week. However, one morning I awoke and just knew in my heart that I was not going to spend the remainder of my life alone. So I began making inquires as to how to reach our S.D.A. "dating" site.
About a month later I read my husbands profile---and laughed so hard that I actually had to get down off of my chair and just sat on the floor rocking back and forth---laughing. You know how we make a profile in our heads of what we would like---well, I wanted someone TALL. He wasn't as tall as I wanted, and lived so far away, and, I could go on, however, I just kept coming back to his profile, and told my mother, "I do not know what it is, but there is just something about this man that I really like".
Four months later he came for a visit. We had a lovely time, and I fell in love with him. He was a bit slower as he had his own set profile for a woman. However, a lovely friendship blossomed. We could tell each other anything, (over the phone of course), and we emailed every day.
It is an absolute must to be friends first; friends who can trust one another completely at every level, to be able to share the most vulnerable aspects of ones life, and to still be able to be accepting, trusting, loving.
We visited back and forth between Washington State, and Illinois for 2 years. We found that the longest we could really stand to be separated was about 3 months. Finally I started praying that if I was to move to his area where we could become better acquainted on a day to day basis that the doors would be opened. God answered that prayer. My husband flew out, and moved me out to Illinois. We have been happily married for two years now, and are so happy. God is so good!!
Thank you for the opportunity that he and I might meet. May God abundantly bless your site more than you could ask or think.

Joyfull & Sweetman

I discovered my blessing in meeting my soul & spiritual mate

I am delighted to inform you that through Adventist Singles I discovered my blessing in meeting my soul and spiritual mate to whom I am now engaged to be married. Praise be to God, and thanks for the wonderful service you provide to believers of our faith.


I am so grateful for the answered prayer...

I want to thank you for this beautiful ministry! I have found my God-sent partner through Adventist Singles Connection. Rivlas and I (mzdreamer) met in September of 2009 online and as of June 2010, Rivlas moved 1500+ miles to be near me. We have a beautiful relationship that has God in the center of it and are growing closer each and every day. I am so grateful for the answered prayer to meet someone just right for me!


mzprecision & Rivlas

We were reassured that our love was a love that could last

Tim and Emily met on in mid-2009. Soon they discovered that they held many of the same interests, beliefs, and hobbies. As time went by, their friendship deepened and became more meaningful. Tim and Emily quickly discovered that they had many friends in common although both had never lived in the same city. One of Emily's childhood best friends went to college with Tim and was also a good friend to Tim. After much prayer, fasting, and Bible study, Tim and Emily decided to officially become a couple on Emily's birthday.

Considering Tim lives in Kansas and Emily lives in Texas, various trips were made back and forth to see each other. Their love grew and deepened as time went by. Through prayer, fasting, Bible study, asking questions of each other as well as their families and friends, Tim and Emily were reassured that their love was a love that could last. The couple became engaged in early 2010 and was married July 11, 2010. Tim and Emily hope to bring praise, honor, and glory to God by their marriage.

ehill & Proverbs1

God is our third thread making a strong three strand rope.

Ron and I met Oct. '08 on this site. We frequently talked on the phone (having wonderful conversations that lasted hours) and he was also talking to another woman. To my disappointment he chose to be involved with the other woman even though I was hoping to meet him in person before he made any decision. From my perspective he was choosing the woman who was closer and seemed as better fit at the time. That relationship soon fizzled out, and he called me on Mother's Day '09 to wish me a wonderful day (I'm not sure what he was thinking and he no longer remembers) and I told him that I was in a relationship. Fall of '09 he finds me on Facebook and we become friends and Farmville neighbors. This led to conversations every once in a while, and then he attended AFCOE the spring of 2010. Conversations continued intermittently as my relationship with another ended. There were some conversations that left me frustrated and I thought that we were in different places with our walk with God, in spite of that I felt that I needed to meet this man that I had talked with so many hours. We decided to meet when his program ended, meeting halfway at my parents home. Neither one of us expected a successful meeting or that we would have much in common. He was so hesitant to come because of finances that he almost canceled. I gave him a hard time and reminded him that this was the one opportunity since both of us were in the same state. He came and met me. We found out that he have a great deal in common, enjoying the same activities. We pray together, have morning worship together and spoke for hours and hours. The reservations that we had about each other quickly disappeared as we got to know each other better and understood the different perspectives and experiences we both had. He felt called to move closer to me and the rest is history because we are now married. We are building the relationship daily and God is our third thread making a strong three strand rope.
P.S. The most amazing thing is that we both found that which we were looking for, and it was not by our hands that it happened.


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