Success Stories: 2010

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We got along wonderfully.

Dear Adventist Singles Connection,

Roseane and I would like to write and thank you for the opportunity to meet my future wife on your site. I met Roseane on Adventist Singles Connection in February and we started communicating by telephone and email soon after. We also started using Skype video chat which was a big help as she is in Brazil and I am in Oregon. We soon fell in love and started planning to meet. I went down there in April for 9 days and we got along wonderfully. I am planning to return again in August and we are planning to get married next February.




I sincerely believe we have a very long future ahead of us.

I joined this website just 2 weeks before April, the day I joined I was doing a search and found someone with an amazing profile (Texan88). We sent smiles back and forth, he tried to message me, but I was not a paying member, so I could not read the messages. Finally, on April 8th 2010, we connected and ever since that day we've been talking as if we've known each other forever. April 19th he was sent to Korea (he's in the army). He will be there til next April, and he's already said when he comes back, that's when we will meet. I'm so excited! We've only been friends since the day we started talking, but we knew a month after that we would one day want to be more than that. We told each other we loved each other just a week and a half before July, then on the morning of July 4th, he made it official, and we are now together. I love him so much and I cannot wait til the day that i get to be in his arms. He is the love of my life, and I sincerely believe we have a very long future ahead of us. Thank you for the use of your site, it has definitely brought happiness to my life.



butterfly18 & Texan88

I knew in my heart God had led her to me.

In September 2009, I met Keri (dancentravel) on this website. I knew in my heart God had led her to me. She puts a smile on my face everyday and joy in my heart. Without Adventist Singles Connection, I would likely still be searching for her and may have never found her. Your website brought us together and I'm very thankful for that.


John (badboyforlife001)

badboyforlife001 & dancentravel

We talked everyday on the phone and online.

He and I started talking in Nov. 09. He came down the first time in late Dec. We talked everyday on the phone and online. We would pray every night. He asked me to marry him after I met his family. We had long conversations about our future plans. We just got married on the 10th of june of 2010,and we are so happy together!!!! thanks


I met my true love on Adventist Singles Connection.

I met my true love on Adventist Singles Connection. I wrote a very thorough profile to make clear what I was interested in. We both wrote each other for 3 months very thoroughly investigating each others beliefs, values, interests, life goals. Everything lined up so beautifully that we finally decided to meet. We both felt that it was really a strength to have that time of writing each other during which we were both very objective asking each other open ended questions. We were not interested in just dating but marriage so made it clear early on that if something came up that was a "deal breaker" we would both end the relationship early rather than waiting until we were involved when it would be difficult to break things off. We finally met and God has blessed abundantly and the rest is history. We are getting married in a little over a month! Thanks for providing a forum for two dedicated Christians to get to know each other!


We both believe that God has brought us together...

His Story:
Lelanna and The poetoftruth have been on Skype for some time. We spend on a average 2 hours in the evening, I have even given up television. The more we communicate the closer we become. We both believe that God has brought us together for a lifetime. For the part this website played I will be forever grateful. Wedding pic's will follow.

Her Story:
I met poetoftruth on this site after my subscription expired, but in the mean time received a message telling me I had mail. I resubscribed and there he was. I fell in love with Douglas; I know he is the one God send for me, I have no doubt I firmly believe. I thank the Lord for him. Every day our love blossoms and grows as we walk together in the way of our Lord. We strongly believe God has brought us together for a purpose. My Douglas is a fine romantic Christian gentleman with a mission which I embrace the (Isaiah Mission) helping people study Gods word, the bible telling of his coming which is at the door.

Thank you for a job well done. Thank you for the prize that I have.

God bless Adventist Singles!

Poetoftruth & Lelanna

Companionship with a God-fearing mate has brought us much jo

We met very soon after joining the site. I sent him a "smile", as I liked his big black cowboy hat and the fact that he was an educated country guy. He requested a photo of me. The only one I had available was a business shot used in real estate marketing. I explained that I didn't have dark hair anymore and sent it off. The response was immediate, "beautiful then, must be beautiful now." A few weeks later he drove eight hours to visit me for the weekend. There was some guarded attraction. A couple months later, he flew to visit me again. It was such a thrill to share my beautiful area with him. We fell in love along the shores of Lake Tahoe and during our visit to Yosemite, both places John had not experienced before.

By then, we knew we wanted to spend more time getting to know one another. So after some amazing arrangements, which only God could have orchestrated, I moved to Montana where he has a farm with horses, dogs, chickens and a kitty. This all happened in less than a year from retiring. Companionship with a God-fearing mate has brought us much joy. When we let God take charge of our lives, exciting things happen.

We love to share our story and are working on any singles in our church.

Many Thanks,

Sandy and John


We are very much "in love"...

We are very thankful for Adventist Singles Connection! No less than a miracle that God brought us together. We have found in each other even more than what each of us dreamed of and prayed for in a mate. God shocked us with a swift knowing it was right. Even with the changes and transitions we have made over the last three months, we are very much "in love" and want to remain so the rest of our lives. God has been in the matchmaking business for more than 6,000 years and knows what He is doing. To those of you seeking a mate and seeking God’s will, continue to trust him for he is working in ways you cannot see. Where there is His will, there is a way!

Girlsue and Uspipen were married on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

GirlSue & Uspipen

We are so compatible it's almost scary!

I joined ASC last year at the end of January and by the beginning of March I had connected with David, downtearthru2, from QLD, Australia. Anyways, we started talking regularly on Skype and last fall I flew to Australia to meet him and we really got along well. We had such an amazing time! Long story short; I've passed the IELTS test and am in the process of applying for a QLD nursing license. I already have a job offer. David and I really want to try and make things work. Thank you for the opportunity to meet someone I would not have otherwise met. David and I are so compatible it's almost scary!! Thanks again!


Linda, "LittlestAngel"

littlestangel & downtearthru2

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