Success Stories: 2010

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We are happy working for the lord.

My story is a little different from the other success stories, but like the others is good. I have met many good friends through ASC and I met this one in particular and he his very unique. He was not looking to date someone neither was I, but we became good friends. I told him about wanting to find a different job and he told me about this place and when I got there he introduced me to this wonderful man and we also became friends and now two years later we got married and are happy working for the lord. He works in ways we don't understand sometimes, but his way is the best way.


When I thought true love was unreachable, God surprised me.

Thank you for allowing me to use your site! I was very fortunate to find my soulmate and friend. When I thought true love was unreachable, God surprised me with the most wonderful, loving, tender and kindhearted man I've ever met. His profile name was Antonval. A fall wedding is planned.

canti & Antonval

We are so happy we found each other.

When I first started going online to meet someone I got very discouraged. I didn't know if I would ever meet someone. I went offline for awhile thinking I would not find anyone, I just wanted to give up. I got an invitation in my email that said I had a free week. I had mail waiting for me. I decided I would go back online and try the free week. I then decided to become a member. I got an IM from someone and we chatted for a long time. The second day another IM from the same guy, he asked if I wanted his number. I called him that night, we decided to talk every night. We get along so well, and we plan to meet each other this summer. He is planning on coming to see me. We are so happy we found each other. He calls me everyday, I get mail everyday from him. Don't ever give up, because when you least expect it, you will find someone.


ASC changed my life and perspective...

I just want to say I met my fiance on Adventist Singles Connection and she's from Jamaica and this May I will be married to her. Lord's willing, thank God for Adventist Singles. I really had a wonderful time and Adventist Singles did a really great job because I just wasn't getting along with the women in my home town, not really on a Christian level. I was looking for something different and thank God for All Christian web sites like Adventist Singles, because it changed my life and my perspective about women. "Amen"


From the first time we met, it was perfect.

Good news...We met on Adventist Singles Connection (Claudia & Sheldon) and we got along great from the chat every day and then webcam/phone. This was a long distance relationship...Sheldon in Dallas, TX and me in British Columbia, Canada. We were married in 2007. From the first time we met, it was perfect. I am very thankful for the help of ASC, you made my life complete. I love you!



God has truly been good to us.

God has truly been good to us. I came on the site to just check it out not really expecting to meet anyone and the most amazing man in the world contacted me and we have connected in every way possible: Spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I'm so grateful that I gave the site a chance.
Thank you.


God's plan was fulfilled in our lives...

It is a true love story between a Spanish girl & an American boy. How did that happen? ... (Jared "fly195", USA and Susana "Susanahasi", Spain)
started our email communication for the first time in April of 2007 via Adventist Singles Connection, then we continued to exchange e-mail and pictures for 8 months. In one of my e-mails, I invited him to come to Spain and meet me in person, he really liked the idea. In January of 2008, I received the best email from him telling me why he decided to come and meet me. He mentioned 7 wonderful qualities about me which made him take a 9 hour flight from Missouri to Spain!! That email really moved me inside and scared me, wow!! Personally I never believed in ‘Internet relations’. On January 18, 2008, he arrived in Spain after an 8 hour flight delay, plus he lost his suitcase! He had no clothes, no tooth brush, nothing! But that worked perfect because we went together shopping and we had lots of fun and had a connection since the first moment we met. He showed himself in an absolute honest way. He didn’t try to impress me, that was authentic, also he treated me with incredible respect. I showed myself since the first moment with him! I felt so confident. (That never happened before). Our first special moment was when we prayed together, we both cried and smiled, we felt peace and God's presence in our lives. We spent hours speaking and having fun. The day before he left, we went to visit a beautiful Castle in Biar town, Spain. We both sat watching the spectacular sunset. He said: "It is a dream come true". I felt incredibly happy! was a magical moment..we felt in love there for sure! I came to visit his family for the first time one month later. I almost fell when I saw one picture of us in Spain in the living room! Oh my! I didn’t expect that for sure! His mom explained to me (months later) after Jared returned from Spain, he said to her very seriously: "Maybe one of these days you are going to have a daughter in law"; so she put that picture in a special place because she was sure I was the one... After 1 year traveling between our countries and spending more time together, he proposed to me on December 31, 2008 with flowers and a beautiful card! I was totally convinced of not getting married, EVER, until I met him. He also was convinced to be single forever until meeting me. He said: "I've been waiting for you for 10 years". Of course, my answer was YES! We prayed together...On January 31, 2009 (1 month later), we celebrated our wedding in Fredericktown Church, Missouri. We decided to share this story after celebrating our first anniversary last year (1-31-2010)!! *Since we started dating, we promised to respect each other (not to have intimacy) until we take a formal decision, that marked a big difference in our relation and made our wedding day very special... God blesses much more when couples follow the Bible instructions. God's plan was fulfilled in our lives...Our advice for all Christian singles is: Look first for Jesus and the rest will come in incredible ways! THANKS SO MUCH Christie for this wonderful website which changed our lives.

God bless you!!


susanahasi & fly195

I have met the most wonderful man on your site...

I have met the most wonderful man on your site through Gods grace and within his time frame. Put your trust in the Lord and you will find your soul mate. Thank you for providing this site for singles to be able to meet a Christian friend and possible marriage.


We grew up a half hour away from each other!

I prayed about joining the site. Don was the first profile that I clicked on. We are planning on getting married this year. Thank-you Adventist Singles. It was very important for me to find a man who truly wants to follow God's will, little did I know that we grew up a half hour away from each other!


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