Success Stories: 2010

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The Lord works his wonders in ways to benefit us.

Tammy was brought to me through this site. The Lord works his wonders in ways to benefit us. This site worked through Tammy and my self to unite two believers for unity in his love. Thank you Lord and thank you A.S.


I thank the Lord everyday for bringing us together...

I met my now husband David on this wonderful site in September of 2007 and we got married in May of 2008. I thank the Lord everyday for bringing us together and this site for introducing us! Thank You soooo much!


We knew that the Lord had orchestrated our meeting.

We met on this site and within a month we knew that the Lord had orchestrated our meeting. Thanks be to Him for his blessings. We were both praying and that is the only way we were successful, this site simply provided the means for us to connect. So it is a good thing.



Something just clicked.

I was living in Auburn, WA at the time we met on your site. I had gone through a divorce from a short marriage of 4 years and had decided to move to a bigger metropolitan area to find a better job and escape the small town "talk". I bought a house that was way bigger than I needed and was thrilled to have one of my best girlfriends from
Auburn Adventist Academy days move in and rent a room from me. Kim was also single and searching for that special someone. She was a member of your site and after MUCH pushing, convinced me to sign up also. I was VERY apprehensive, like so many. For the first few weeks I just looked at profiles and sent out a few emails and smiles. I had a few IM chats with different guys, but nobody that really pursued me or seemed very interested. evening...I was logged onto your site just browsing, when I got a request for an IM session. I had never even looked at this person's profile and I was caught off guard. I panicked and logged offline without responding to the IM request. It was at that point that I went back and hid my status so
as to appear "offline" and checked out his profile. I was very happily intrigued. I felt really bad for not accepting his request for a chat. I don't know what I was so afraid was just chatting. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that at the point he was online and I was occured to me that this was
REAL. We eventually connected via IM and emails. There wasn't a night that I wasn't found at my computer talking to him. After a few weeks of this constant typing, we decided to exchange phone numbers. But, we decided to wait to actually speak on the phone until I returned from my week-long cruise to Alaska. It was tough... having his number and wanting to hear his voice, but making myself wait! Luckily there was internet access on the boat (although it was a bit sketchy due to being out at sea). I spent more money on internet access than I did off shore excursions during that vacation! It was
fun to come back to the ship every night and see if he just happened to be online or if he'd sent me an email. I was having a great time in Alaska, but I was very anxious for that trip to be DONE so I could talk to him on the phone! FINALLY, I arrived home to find he had sent
me a small photo album of pictures of him, his family and his son. I leafed through it with much excitement! He was even more handsome
than his profile pictures! And soon that evening he would be calling me. When the phone rang, I was right there. Must have picked it up after only one ring. It was such a relief to hear his voice and speak to him without developing carpal tunnel syndrome in my hands from typing! We continued to talk several times a day for the next couple weeks. Neither of us was conversing with anyone else from the singles site and we knew that we had something special. We both
continued to pray about our relationship and see where God wanted it to go. Eventually he made the trip up to Seattle from his home in Vail, Colorado. We had predetermined a place to meet in the airport and I was SO nervous. My nerves were soothed as I saw him coming down the escalator. It sounds funny, but I knew at that moment that I loved him. Something just clicked. Love at first "sight"? Maybe. Sounds very "Hollywood" and all, but it's true. We had a wonderful weekend getting to know each other more and seeing the beautiful sites around Seattle. I followed with a trip to see him in Colorado a couple weeks later. It was a definite whirlwind of a courtship. We both knew that we had finally found that special someone, and it didn't take us long to start talking seriously about the future. We had both attended SDA schools our entire educational lives, but had just never found the right person. It took signing up with your site and a lot of faith and prayer, but we are so thankful we did it. Now,
when we see commercials for internet-based dating sites on the t.v., we just look at each other and smile.

To make a long story longer... we were married on March 15th, 2007 in sunny Arizona in a small garden wedding with my parents in attendance. We had a separate ceremony with his family in N. Carolina that summer. We met on your site on August 31, 2006 and 6 months later we were married. I guess that when you KNOW, you KNOW. We were both older and had been through all this before and had come to the conclusion that there was no reason to put off what God had clearly
designed to happen. Both of our families were thrilled for us! I am the happiest girl... STILL! I found the TRUE love of my life because
of your site and because of the guidance of God and the Holy Spirit.

I get questions about how we met all the time. Usually by someone with that look of amazement that we would actually put ourselves on a
internet dating site. I always tell them that it's not just ANY site. It's a denominational based Christian dating site and that I never once felt uncomfortable about it. I am SOOOO thankful to my friend, Kim, for encouraging me to join! My husband, Walt, and I are happily living in Vail, Colorado now. We bought a nice condo and are both
enjoying what the beautiful Rocky Mountains have to offer. Walt works at Vail Valley Medical Center, in Vail and I am a Registered Dental
Hygienist for a dentist in Vail. We will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary soon and life continues to be GREAT! God is good and His plans are worth the revealing!

Brightsmile4U & peaks2paddles

We think that God is in control of us meeting...

I met Luciana on Adventist Singles and after speaking to her two times she invited me to come and visit her. She lives 1000 miles away from me. So I went to her location and we clicked very quickly. I stayed for ten days. We are now trying to find a way to move closer together so that we can give our relationship a chance. For now we chat every night via video cam and are getting to know one another better. We think that God is in control of us meeting and we also think that with God's help we can have a meaningful relationship together. We will update you later on our condition. Thank you so much for your service.


We are happily married now.

Well, I met a wonderful woman who trusts everything I have told her and had faith to trust me to walk with me through good times and bad. Well, she decided to walk through the cracks and bump of life with me together so we can help each other to the land GOD is preparing for us. So we are happily married now. Thanks to Adventist Singles, it work.


We immediately clicked and developed a great friendship.

I connected with a man through this and another SDA single site. We immediately clicked and developed a great friendship. Soon later we realized we were made for each other. Now we are planning to get married...Thanks for this great service!

God bless you,



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