Companionship with a God-fearing mate has brought us much jo

We met very soon after joining the site. I sent him a "smile", as I liked his big black cowboy hat and the fact that he was an educated country guy. He requested a photo of me. The only one I had available was a business shot used in real estate marketing. I explained that I didn't have dark hair anymore and sent it off. The response was immediate, "beautiful then, must be beautiful now." A few weeks later he drove eight hours to visit me for the weekend. There was some guarded attraction. A couple months later, he flew to visit me again. It was such a thrill to share my beautiful area with him. We fell in love along the shores of Lake Tahoe and during our visit to Yosemite, both places John had not experienced before.

By then, we knew we wanted to spend more time getting to know one another. So after some amazing arrangements, which only God could have orchestrated, I moved to Montana where he has a farm with horses, dogs, chickens and a kitty. This all happened in less than a year from retiring. Companionship with a God-fearing mate has brought us much joy. When we let God take charge of our lives, exciting things happen.

We love to share our story and are working on any singles in our church.

Many Thanks,

Sandy and John


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