We are so happy we found each other.

When I first started going online to meet someone I got very discouraged. I didn't know if I would ever meet someone. I went offline for awhile thinking I would not find anyone, I just wanted to give up. I got an invitation in my email that said I had a free week. I had mail waiting for me. I decided I would go back online and try the free week. I then decided to become a member. I got an IM from someone and we chatted for a long time. The second day another IM from the same guy, he asked if I wanted his number. I called him that night, we decided to talk every night. We get along so well, and we plan to meet each other this summer. He is planning on coming to see me. We are so happy we found each other. He calls me everyday, I get mail everyday from him. Don't ever give up, because when you least expect it, you will find someone.


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