We both believe that God has brought us together...

His Story:
Lelanna and The poetoftruth have been on Skype for some time. We spend on a average 2 hours in the evening, I have even given up television. The more we communicate the closer we become. We both believe that God has brought us together for a lifetime. For the part this website played I will be forever grateful. Wedding pic's will follow.

Her Story:
I met poetoftruth on this site after my subscription expired, but in the mean time received a message telling me I had mail. I resubscribed and there he was. I fell in love with Douglas; I know he is the one God send for me, I have no doubt I firmly believe. I thank the Lord for him. Every day our love blossoms and grows as we walk together in the way of our Lord. We strongly believe God has brought us together for a purpose. My Douglas is a fine romantic Christian gentleman with a mission which I embrace the (Isaiah Mission) helping people study Gods word, the bible telling of his coming which is at the door.

Thank you for a job well done. Thank you for the prize that I have.

God bless Adventist Singles!

Poetoftruth & Lelanna

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