God’s blessing was so great that our blended family came together almost seamlessly.

Four years ago I (Bajanfahlife) meet my wife Yvonne (Rochelle36) on ASC, I was a single father of two boys from my first wife who had passed away from breast cancer. I was on ASC for about 4 months when I received a smile from Yvonne, I was like who is this beautiful lady that took an interest in me. Yvonne was also a single mom of two, she told me she was bored one night and decided to check out ASC to see what it was all about. I met many nice people on ASC, some I am still friends with to this day. Yvonne and I would chat frequently on instant messenger. Eventually we exchanged numbers and would chat at least twice a week, our friendship grew over the next couple of months and then on Thanksgiving Day 2008 I asked Yvonne to be my lady. She knew little of my plan, but I asked the permission of her son and daughter before asking her the question. Before asking her to be my lady much pray went into making that decision. I wanted the blessings of the Father in choosing the correct mate and He answered my prays in Yvonne. We married in April of 2009 and our blended family has been blessed for the past 2 1/2 years. God’s blessing was so great that our blended family came together almost seamlessly. Oh course I left the warm shores of Virginia Beach to move to Michigan just to be with my Lady. Whenever I remember, I thank God for His blessings of a new wife and family. I would also like to thank ASC for helping to bring us together. I tried other relationship sites, but none of them brought me closer to meeting my Lady. When I heard of Adventist Singles at first I was skeptical thinking that it was just like the other sites, but if was different. Seeing your success stories also helped to inspire not only me, but my Lady. I wish everyone on your site God’s blessings in finding not just a spouse, but finding a best friend. And yes you guys do bring Adventist Singles together!

Bajan4life & Rochelle36

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