I've found one man that has all the qualities I want

My girlfriend Cathi had used your site to meet other Adventist singles and was quite impressed. She now has a steady beau that she found on your site, a widower, and encouraged me to try your site. I was a bit hesitant, since I've never done this before and she had to show me what to do. I've been very encouraged as to the quality and caliber of the men I reviewed. I've found one man that has all the qualities I want and apparently the feeling is mutual-we have been talking and communicating with cards and email ever since-The liklihood of meeting him any other way was remote since he is in Eastern Canada near Toronto and I'm on the Westcoast USA. We are both strawberry blondes and in the same field of ministry-how ideal can you get. The pictures really help since I'm a very visual person. Intellectually I find few men my match, but this one is and I can't thank you enough for the question portion which allowed me to check out his character and intelligence. I would strongly recommend your site to others and I'm so grateful to my friend Cathi for recommending you and encouraging me to try your site. Please continue your endeavors.


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