We look forward to a life filled with service until Jesus comes.

I met Darlene, (DMPsongofthemorning) and we plan to be married Sept. 25 in a home wedding with an SDA pastor. It will be a very simple wedding, and very old fashioned.

Both Darleen and I feel God opened a door for us to meet. Had you been able to follow the mail content, and the 27 hrs. of phone conversation before we met, I suspect you would have been very surprised at how well matched we are, and I think we both know that when differences arise, we have already learned how to talk out our differences and reach a middle ground. We have also learned to apologize when it is important, even if we do not feel the "fault" is ours, for it is truly ours as the day cannot end with differences we are aware of standing between us.

We both enjoy the time we take for studying together and find with two of us, learning something new each day comes much easier than it did when we studied alone and did not think God might have a plan for our lives as partners.

I think if our story was told in full, it would almost take a book, as we learned information, both wonderful and painful early in our mail, and each of us was honest about health and finances. I am finding that Darleen has become so used to taking care of everything, including finances she has more difficulty letting me help her, but I suspect from her view the same would hold true of me.

We have left out lives in God's hands, and know He will guide us where he wants us to be, and use us whenever He can. That is already starting to happen and it is a wonderful feeling to know our Heavenly Father is still leading and using us. We look forward to a life filled with service until Jesus comes.


thegoldenyear & DMPsongofthemorning

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