We love each other so very much.

Hello I am writing to tell you about my beautiful wife. We are so glad to have had the opportunity to have met on Adventist Singles and we wanted to let all the other people on Adventist Singles know that it wasn't who we wanted and wasn't when we wanted to meet, it was when GOD said it was time, and if we wouldn't have prayed to GOD about it it all the time it would not have happened. The reason I am saying this is for multiple reasons: One is everyone knows that long distance relationships don't usually work and there is over 2,000 miles apart for us when we met. Second reason is I had been on the site for almost a year and I was starting to get discouraged because I had tried to write so many people that I thought would be write and none really went anywhere and she was not someone that I would have even took a second look at for many reasons. It was a little different for her. She wasn't really even looking for anyone when she first contacted me. She had been on this site for about a year and had some things go on and she got off the site for about a year and decided to get back on and she contacted me first. The reason I say this is I am a big man and she is really small. I really was looking for someone who was a lot taller since I am 6' 2" and she is 5' and there are other differences as well. aAyway the reason I am saying this is if we would not have kept God in this right from the start, I don't believe we would have ever met. And we love each other so very much. One final thing to remember...with GOD all things are possible.


Gordon & Malals


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