Success Stories: 2015

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Katelin & Allan

Katelin found me on Adventist Singles Connection in January 2014. We talked for two months before we drifted apart.

Nearly six months later, in August 2014, "ktsummertex" found me again. I had only just reactivated my account, with no hopes of finding anyone I liked, let alone wanted to marry. We began talking, getting to know each other all over again. Some things we remembered about each other, with other things being new. All we knew was that we were extremely compatible! We communicated for five months, and finally met in January of 2015. We knew instantly that we had found what we both had been looking for. We praised God for the opportunity to come together once again, and began courting shortly after meeting. Both of us committed to a long-distance relationship with a thousand miles between us. We were blessed enough to be able to see each other enough to know that after only two visits we couldn’t live without each other.

On Valentine’s Day in 2015, we shared our feelings for each other, feelings that revealed we both were in love. On May 25, 2015, four months after meeting, I (Allan) proposed to Katelin and she said yes. We thank God for allowing our paths to cross, for giving us the means to be able to get to know one another (Adventist Singles Connection), and for the gift of second chances.

Katelin found me on Adventist Singles Connection.

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