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I had a long profile, maybe too long, but I see that most of the responses that I have been getting are from look-at-me, see what I have to offer, so-called Christian ladies, not God-fearing ladies. God is not going to accept into his heavenly kingdom women who insist on showing off all or even some of their attributes for all the world to see, tempting prospective potential lifemates. Those attributes are reserved for your husband in the bedroom, not dates, boyfriends, prospective husbands, or other onlookers, including women and family members! This applies to men also, so don't think that you're getting off the hook lightly, either, guys! As spiritual leaders in the home and in the church, you need to set the example for the ladies and other men to follow. Just for the record, I'm high-functioning autistic, and genius-prone, but I'm not the smartest person on earth. My sister will tell you that! I have a job (7years at it), and also collect Social Security. I have a car, and an apartment by myself. I am interested in ladies who wear only skirts and/or dresses 24/7. The Godhead and I really want you to be all that you can be, but you will not truly be a complete lady until you give up trying to become one on your own to prove yourself equal to a man, i. e., crossdresser, transvestite, man clone. To dress with a silky blouse and pants would be the same as a man wearing a pinstripe shirt and a skirt! That's a counterfeit! Read I Testimonies 456-466. Read also Creeping Compromise by Joe Crews. They will open your eyes! I hope that I have not insulted anyone. This is meant to enlighten you, and show you just one of the things that Satan has done to destroy marriage and the family unit. Besides, you are already equal in value, but different in function. God said so! I don't expect to meet a lot of ladies on this site who willingly agree with all or most of my opinions (or men, either, for that matter. I expect most of them will dislike my outspokenness. However, I only need just one lady, and I believe that the Lord will send me that "one" lady, and I praise His name for doing so! You never know! You could be her! So—think! You're trying to impress me, right? Okay! We got that straightened out! Now take off the coat, hat, gloves, scarf, any other external hindrances to viewing you. Get away from that tree, flowers, cars, horses, houses, relatives, friends, etc. I want to see you! Not just your face. All of you! Put up 6-8 pictures, or more! Make sure there is plenty of light. Put on many different outfits, even 20-30. Remember, you're trying to make an impression on me! Thank you for reading my profile. May God bless you abundantly in all that you do for Him!


Basic Information

LocationBridgton, ME, USA


About Me

Height6' 0" (182 cm)
BuildI should maybe lose a few
Relationship StatusSingle - never been married
Children home0
Religious Involvementevery week
EducationHigh School
Field of WorkDrive People to Medical Appointments
EthnicityCaucasian / White
Languages SpokenEnglish


Fun Facts

Self-descriptionServant of the Lord Looking for His Complement, not His Competitor
MusicGospel/Religious Music
Favorite bands and musiciansThe Messiah, For All the Saints, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Watch Ye Saints, Stand Like the Brave
Favorite movies and actorsStephen Bohr, Duane Lemon, Walter Veith, David Gates, Doug Batchelor, Samuel Pipim
Favorite TV showsAmazing Discoveries, Amazing Facts, Secrets Unsealed
Outdoor activityBiking, Photography, Traveling/Sightseeing
Indoor activityCharity/Volunteering, Computers, Reading
My idea of a great tripAnywhere in a car, Amtrak, plane with you to do the Lord's will!
FoodAmerican, Fast food, Vegetarian/Vegan
Favorite restaurantsFamily style with decent size servings, breakfast anytime!
Schools attendedHigh School, some college
TimelinessI am usually early
As for fashionI'm a somewhat fashionable person


Match Preferences

AgeBetween 49 and 65 years old
HeightBetween 5' 2" (157 cm) and 5' 11" (180 cm)
Body TypeSlender, Average, I should maybe lose a few
EducationI don't have an education, High School, Associate degree, Some College, Bachelor's degree
Relationship StatusSingle - never been married, Divorced
Religious Activityevery week
EthnicityCaucasian / White



What I'd like to do on a first date...

Church and Sabbath School first, up front, please, not way in the back. God comes first in my life. Then we'll discuss what are our life plans for the future in relation with the Lord. I want to do some kind of outreach as much as possible. The Lord has blessed me with my very own MacBook Pro Lap Top Computer, an NEC projector, printer, Mac Mini Desk Top Computer with which to do Key Note Presentations, some of which I have received, and some of which the Lord has taught me to build from scratch.
I am tired of pew-sitting! I want to go places, and put on presentations. I want to see the U. S. A. (but not necessarily in a Chevrolet)(Amtrak, anyone?)(Cross-country on bikes? Hey, I'm willing! I have a $500 Trek 7500. I've done 35, 65, and 80-mile trips in one day!). I am not interested in seeing other countries, except Canada (I'm French-Canadien, Polish, Russian and Abernaki). I need to be about my Father's business now! Let's do it! (By the way, what is IM'd?)

My past relationships have taught me...

They have taught me that many Adventists have a severe lack of trust in and obedience to God, sometimes including me.
We want Him to be our Saviour, but we do not want Him to be our Lord. We are afraid to go forward, when needed, or to wait patiently for God to move. Constantly go into the Sanctuary of God. You must go into the wilderness to find rest, and to be stripped, by God, of all unnecessary baggage. Relationship is established when I am at rest in Jesus.
Identity is established when Jesus is leading my life
(Hos. 2-3). When the journey becomes life-threatening,
ALL excess baggage MUST be jettisoned!

To me, being an Adventist means...

It means praising, praying, Bible studying, fasting, working, witnessing, and worshipping every day, thereby showing others what Jesus has done for you. Continually,
not continuously, reach out to others. The purpose of an apple tree is not to make more apples. That is a side benefit. It is to make more apple trees, more orchards. This why Jesus cursed the fruitless fig tree. It had no fruit with which to build more orchards! Our purpose is not just to produce more church members. It is to make more disciples, who also make more disciples, who also make more disciples, etc!

In five years, I see myself

Reaching out to others in God's kingdom, to hasten His glorious return, with whatever gifts He has given me. Meeting REAL needs, NOT felt needs. Incorporating new people into a ministry as soon as possible, even if they are not members. Make them feel that they are wanted, that they are valuable. They are! Christ died for them, too! When (NOT if) these new people ARE baptized into our church (remember, they WILL be taking a stand for Christ, you know it!), and have need of a refrigerator, DON'T give them your old one: buy them a BRAND NEW ONE. That's what the prodigal son's father did for him. He didn't give him food from the food pantry, or clothes from Dorcas (not to take anything away from these Christ-appointed missionary endeavors), but he opened up his check book, and when all was said and done, he even gave him his own checkbook, so to speak. By the way, the fatted calf was, in actuality, a full-grown bull, of at least 1,000-1,500 pounds, able to feed at least 300 people, while the kid that the older brother requested was an 8-day old baby goat that could only feed 2-3 people.

My favorite Bible passage is...

There are many. Ex. 5:1; 14:14; Deut. 7:25-26, 22:5, 33:27;
Job 38:10-11; I Sam. 15:22-23; 21:8-9; 25:10-13;
Ps. 73:16-17; 76:11; 81:10; Prov. 6:30-31; Isa. 11:13; 29:24;
49:25; Hos. 2:14; 3:1-5; 6:1-3; Luke 6:38; 22:35-38; Gal. 5;
Eph. 5; 6:10-22; Phlp. 1:6; II Tim. 2:13; Heb. 6:13-20; 13:4; Rev. 21:8. You must be stripped of everything offensive before you can enter the Kingdom of God, and only God can do it! You also need the help of others in your struggles, and to help others in theirs. It's not enough to come to God. Now you must lead others to God. Only then will you be able to overcome all your sins! It's not enough to put on the full armour of God: you must draw out the Sword of the Lord, and start swinging it!

One final thing I'd like to mention...

Teaching must include trusting AND obeying, not just one or the other.
The Pharisee is into legalism. The Sadducee is into idolatry. The Pharisee is into obedience. The Sadducee is into trust.
The Pharisee wants to be saved by his works.
The Sadducee wants to be saved in his sins.
The Pharisee goes from being a child to being an adult
without developing childlike faith.
The Sadducee wants to remain a child, but has developed childISHness, not childLIKEness.
The Pharisee knows the doctrine, but does not know how to present it in the correct manner.
The Sadducee knows the right way to present the doctrine,
but does not know the doctrine.
Each blames the other for the problems in the church,
when they both are to blame.
They need to sit down, and reason it out,
just like the Apostles. Isa. 29:24, 11:11-13.
Also, there are three other words that sum up the gospel
Acceptance—You are now a member of the Team.
Security—You are now on the 1st String, an All-Pro.
Significance—You have now won the Super Bowl.
Acceptance—You are now a member of (span style="font-weight:bold;")the Body of Christ.
Security—You have helped to bring someone(s) to Christ.
Significance—You have helped make (a) disciple(s) for Christ.

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