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* Charles H. Clever, not a pseudonym, and I wonder . . .
~ I wonder, if the theatrical performances of old was the medium to change norms to where Lot's daughters gave their virginity to their drunken father---and there was really none worth saving in Sodom?
~ I wonder, if the flat-screen media in our living-room has allowed Satan to change our values? Where canned laughter perverts our norms and we laugh in unison when a mate insults their spouse or child their parent. When negotiation has changed to forced-will and violence. Where fame is a virtue and the servant is the least? Where talk-show or news hostesses display siliconed breasts, shaved arm pits and thighs to the public and we soon think it not immodest -- then men smile in assent, even in church, and we assume God's standards are old fashioned.
~ I wonder, do we watch Dorothy seek the phony wizard for a way home when it was really with her feet? And we are the source of wisdom and courage--we had it ourselves all the time; who needs the Holy Spirit?
~ I wonder, will we sing, Holy! Holy! Holy! in unison with holy angels outside the Holy City, 24/7, or prefer flapping our wings rhythmically to disco?
~ I wonder, have we allowed our values to become so perverted that we think our ways are God's and will be denied entrance to the "ark?"
~ I wonder, is the Kingdom of God within, and we're really pilgrims on Earth and looking for the city whose builder and maker is God?
~ I wonder, do we truly understand it is what Christ did for us, and continues do within us, that makes salvation and eternal happiness a reality; and if we disagree, would we join the Crucify Choir?
~ I wonder . . .
~ _ ~

“If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself left alone; one should keep his friendship in constant repair” (Samuel Johnson).

I was raised by a doctor and have always studied nutrition. Ask for my special The Clever Adventist Diet that explains how to slow or "normalize" aging using science and Ellen White's writings. I wrote it after a doctor/Adventist/friend mentioned me in a presentation saying, I was 20 years younger than actual because of health practices. The portrait is a selfie taken in my bedroom Sabbath morning; the blinds matched my suit. One photo is the elliptical exerciser. It is one of the best techniques to counter "spurs" in your hip or shoulder. More on this in the "Clever Adventist Diet" Write me a note for the URL of this informative article.
;-) PHOTO: Princessa, my Latin-American companion, is drinking spring water from Costa Rica's Subterranean Archaeological Museum. She's part of my family and where possible will travel with me ;-)


Basic Information

LocationHenderson, NV, USA


About Me

Height5' 10" (177 cm)
Relationship StatusDivorced
About ChildrenI do not have or want children
Children home0
Religious Involvementevery week
EducationTechnical School
Field of WorkRetired
EthnicityCaucasian / White
Languages SpokenEnglish


Fun Facts

Self-descriptionLove people and seek quality friends.
MusicGospel/Religious Music
Favorite bands and musiciansAmbient music at the gym is not edifying. I notice 3-ABN is circumspect in their music selection
Favorite movies and actorsWhen exercising at the gym, the programming is not edifying; at home I view Christian programs.
Favorite TV showsAt home: Have Rocu & GloryStar satellite. Like IIW, Native New Day, Amazing Facts, etc.
Outdoor activityBirdwatching, Camping/Hiking/Fishing, Gardening, Traveling/Sightseeing
Indoor activityCars, Charity/Volunteering, Computers, Cooking/Culinary arts, Music, Reading, Restaurants, Shopping, Weightlifting
My idea of a great tripCamp meetings or visit the Holy Land/Footprints of Paul with Tony Moore -- see photo
FoodAmerican, South American, Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, Spanish, Thai, Vegetarian/Vegan
Favorite restaurantsbuffets allow me to hunt-and-pick the healthiest food.
PoliticsUltra Conservative
Schools attendedProfessional training: RN, LPN, CNA, EMT, FCC G.R.O.L. . .
TimelinessI am usually on time
As for fashionI'm a somewhat fashionable person


Match Preferences

AgeBetween 59 and 80 years old
HeightBetween 5' 0" (152 cm) and 5' 10" (177 cm)
Body TypeSlender, Average, Large but muscular, Full-figured, I'll tell you later
Religious Activityevery week
EthnicityAsian, Caucasian / White, East Indian, Hispanic / Latino, Middle Eastern, Native American, Pacific Islands



What I'd like to do on a first date...

Shouldn't Adventist first visit on the Sabbath at church with other friends in your Christian family? Then have lunch and prayer together. Later, parks, trails, trips, social times--ever go to a "swap meet" or Good Will industries; then, Bible studies and evangelism--all part of the Adventist lifestyle.

My past relationships have taught me...

Accept people as they are, at face value, because it is the Holy Spirit's work to affect change. Every Christian should turn the other cheek and not retaliate for alleged abuses, which are not even inconveniences compared to the abuses Adventists must soon face. God chose different personalities to carry His message to the world. Any relationship is doomed to failure when one attempts to change the mate to their own standards; remember, it is the differences that combine to make a more complete team.

To me, being an Adventist means...

Trusting God in everything while preparing for residency in celestial mansions, promised to the redeemed. It is here where we display to the universe we are safe to occupy Paradise.
Every move must be: "What would you have me to do, Lord?" With that attitude we will easily conform to a more glorious lifestyle which Adventism was merely the beginning step of an eternal walk with God and holy beings.

In five years, I see myself

As long as probation is open, I'll work for the Lord while preparing for His coming.
God has blessed me with a modest country home on two acres.
I have a rototiller and tried gardened this year. It will only be by God's blessings that we ever live completely from this land; Ellen White says He will do that for us. ;)

My favorite Bible passage is...

John 3:16 -- God loves everyone and sent His Son to save -- even me.

One final thing I'd like to mention...

. "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit Earth." We have little or nothing to do with our physical structure. For health I exercise to maintain about 175 pounds on a 5' 10.5" slim frame. Please write me for a copy of my Special Adventist Diet that promotes longevity as backed by science and the Spirit of Prophecy. :D

Divorce is ugly, but it was NOT God's plan, and started in Heaven with Lucifer. Like it or not, we face similar losses in families and church. There is nothing we can but accept the losses and continue on, trusting that our Loving creator knows the future and has a better plan for us.
God strengthens and enables us here and now, during this trial-period, to form characters that will endure eternity--failing that, we will fail miserably and not inherit His inestimable reward.
;) It will be wonderful to live in Paradise where the servant is the greatest; won't you join me and we will be friends forever?

) The "Overview" only starts at age 18 but I can be friends with anyone from an innocent 1 year old baby to a 99 year old convalescent and . . .
. And since church and families are being "shaken" apart--time is short. In the church family there will be new marriages and friends as we all need social strength. Care to chat? ;-)
BTW: (by the way) For the greater part of the last 20 years have held extensive Bible seminars in the Tropics (habla Espanol?) baptizing about 1,000 people. I hope to continue working for Him, in whatever avenue He chooses, until Christ comes.

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Dressed for Church

Core Color = Blue

  •   blue: 38%
  •   yellow: 32%
  •   white: 17%
  •   red: 12%

Blues Are

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