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You are entering the extreme pleasure ZONE. Lay back and enjoy yourself. This is the love profile. They call me the last real Adventist sexy man.
Part Brad Pit part Di Caprio
That's before i ate too much pizza in Italy.
You are now feeling extreme relaxation feelings and pleasure this profile. For some reason you feel this rofile is for you. . Some good feelings are entering you nd yo want to know more right now.
In fact this is so good that you feel like you will not be able to share this profile with you Adventist sisters.
This profile wil become top secret for you.
You will dream about this profile at night and daydream about it during the day.
You are now in the love race for me with the other Adventist sisters? Who will win this game? If you lose,
Who knows if you will be able at least to marry my little finger at least.


Basic Information

LocationPalm Beach Gardens, FL, USA


About Me

Height6' 0" (182 cm)
HairDark Brown
Relationship StatusSingle - never been married
About ChildrenI am open to all possibilities
Children home0
Religious Involvementevery week
EducationSome College
Field of WorkBusiness owner
EthnicityCaucasian / White
Languages SpokenEnglish, French, Spanish


Fun Facts

MusicClassical, Jazz, Reggae, Gospel/Religious Music, Rock n Roll
Outdoor activitySwimming
Indoor activityArt
TimelinessI am usually on time
As for fashionI don't need advice!


Match Preferences

AgeBetween 35 and 45 years old
DistanceWithin 100 miles of Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA
HeightBetween 5' 0" (152 cm) and 7' 0" (213 cm)



What I'd like to do on a first date...

You trust me fullly.
As you are sitting next to me, you feel so attracted to me. You feel as if you know me already. You feel so good right now. Extremely good.
If you think of all the lost opportunities in life to fall in love.
You do not have regrets, but see that life is short and take full advantage of what comes to you and you make the first move to make your dream come true.
What is your dream come true?
Having me next to you
How bad do you want it?
Opportunities come and go, you take what comes and enjoy some very crazy very passionate love with the one God sent for you.

My past relationships have taught me...

I am looking for a good woman with 2 legs 2 eyes and 2 arms. Someone who can cook her gluteus maximus off. And who is not afraid to wash my underwear!
'Bossing around is excluded'
'By what law?
'By the law of Adam being created first'
'How is it excluded?
'Because man was created first'
'Why was women then created?'
'Women were created because man was lonely , so God created women to keep company to man and to be his help'

To me, being an Adventist means...

The end of all things is at hand! Who in the Adventist church is on the Lord's side?
What a solemn responsability to have the 3 Angel's message. Who is afraid to preach it?
'Talking about the Usa putting a sunday law? Na . People will look at me funny'
'Well if God commands you to say that to save people in the Usa too from sunday sacredness?'
'You are not politically correct'
' can i say that homosexuality is a sin?' 'Na,this is passed, if you say that people can lock you up for homophobia'
'Then the Bible homophobic and God homophobic or has man gone away from God?'
'Can i tall people when they are proud and that proud people will not go to heaven?'
'No don't say that this is not cool. Who cars about pride. Has someone ever been arrested for pride? Come on Fabien, be real, everybody is proud nowdays, it is ok to feel yourself above God and think that the thins you have come from your own power. No big deal'
'But if the Bible says that it is a sin and proud people will not go to heaven?'

In five years, I see myself

1) I am one amazing massage therapist. I trained 300 girls on Paris for the last 3 years including some top models. Immagine having one of the best massage ever, for free!
2 You will be able to enjoy a real French kiss straight for the horses' mouth!
3 You will be able to listen to msic often and me sing as i do hours on end and recording with my band. Thus filling the house with sweet melodies
4 You will no more have your dad tell you what to do, i'll be the one in charge. I am mercifull, immagine being in kindergarden's sans play for the rest of your life
5 I pray about 4 hours a day, so you will be able to rest from me sometimes as i need to talk to God often
6 I talk about the Bible often, thus your spiritual life wil be strengthened. Nevertheless we all have ups and downs
7 You will be able to touch my body, it comes straight from God's factory with a special electric current, as once you touch me you become addicted and a wave of pleasure fills your soul, making you feel so so good

My favorite Bible passage is...

We are sitting in a very peaceful spot, overlooking the waves. Night is falling. All is well with your soul and your life is happy. You take a long look into my eyes, my clear green eyes are so beautiful. Your heart starts beating so fast. You do not know why. You see something special in my eyes, you become so attracted and so immersed in me. So deeply immersed in me.
You are in love, passionate and crazy love. At long last you found wild passion!
You never felt like this in your life and probably never will. You enjoy the present moment.

One final thing I'd like to mention...

Someone who understands that salvation is only by grace and keeping everything else is just because we love Jesus. Sabbath keeping being vegetarian as i am too is only because we love Jesus not to become save. As we cannot do anything to become saved.
I am looking for someone i can drag on the street by the hair to save on car payment.
Someone who can cook 5 pounds of rice in 1 hour
Someone who can talk and write
Someone who can explain the 2300 days prophecy without checking Daniel and the revelation by Uriah Smith
Someone who believes in the Spirit of prophecy , being vegetarian is better.
'What yo still eat meat sister? Quit the meat right now you will feel better!
Someone who can explain where do dinosaurs come from, the geologic column, debunk the big bang. Well i can explain that later.
Someone who is pretty. God said not to lie.
Someone humble, sense of humour
Someone touchy, someone who has a quiet and gentle spirit